Illumina MiSeq


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The MiSeq is an integrated instrument that performs clonal amplification, genomic DNA sequencing, and data analysis with base calling, alignment, variant calling, and reporting in a single run. The MiSeq benchtop instrument utilizes a double-sided, single-lane flow cell and reagent cartridge supplied in kit form. Sequencing is performed by recording the synthesis of DNA strands in clusters of sample templates attached to the flow cell.

Key Features

– High-Speed, Multiplexed 16S Amplicon Sequencing

– Nextera Library Prep for the MiSeq System

– Sequencing Library QC on the MiSeq System

– High-Speed, Multiplexed Microbial Sequencing on the MiSeq System

– High-quality, paired-end reads ensure superior de novo genome assembly

Came from an actual end-user, not from an auction/surplus sale.

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Please inquire as we have other Illuminas (Nextseq 500, Hiseq 2500 with installation) and other lab equipment available not listed here.


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