Illumina NextSeq 500


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The Illumina NextSeq 500 System is a desktop sequencer with the power and flexibility to carry out applications such as whole-genome sequencing, exome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, mRNA-Seq, and methylation sequencing, among others. In one run it can sequence up to 16 exomes, up to 20 transcriptomes, up to 96 targeted panels, up to 40 gene expression profiling samples, and a full human genome at 30x coverage. Users can choose between high output or mid output flow cell configurations. At the high output, up to 800 million paired-end reads can be generated (at 150 bp read length) to produce up to 120 Gb of data in 29 hours. The NextSeq instrument also features a touch screen interface, automated software, and run statistics that can be monitored from any location. The Illumina sequencing systems utilize a well-established sequencing by synthesis (SBS) method in which fluorescently labeled nucleotide bases are detected as they are incorporated into DNA template strands. All four reversible terminator-bound dNTPs are present in each sequencing cycle.


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